Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Human Resources eh?

Today I was meant to find out where I'd be working, go there and get filled in the project details and me my new co-workers.

Today what I actually did was wait. Nothing else. Just wait. Reallly realllly boring.

Y'see I came in and laid claim to my "hot desk" and waited for the person in charge of scheduling to contact me as I had been instructed. After 30 minutes of this I grew tired and took it upon myself to contact this scheduling person, her phone was busy. 15 minutes later I manage to get through.

She is surprised to hear from me. This is not a good start. She says she will try and find out why I wasn't put in touch with the right people yesterday and get me sorted.. half an hour later she calls me back and tells me that I am going to be working for one of their insurance clients. however the manager she ususally deals with there is in a meeting until after lunch but she will arrange a contact for me then.

I abandon my now useless "hot desk" and go hang out in the canteen where a couple of the other newbies are in a similar state of limbo. however by 2 o clock they have all gone their merry way and I was still in limbo. So I call her and get her voice mail. I leave a message asking her to page me if she hears anything. I try to call her an hour later. Her line is busy. I finally get through to her at 3.30 and she answers the phone like she never heard of me in her life.
I ask her if there was any progess and she says no.

She then tells me to contact this guy myself.
I am at this point somewhat dubious that she has even tried contacting him.
anyways she gives me a name. I ask for a number she says get it from reception.
At this point I am almost certain she ain't tried to contact him.
she hangs up.

I have no idea who this guy is. I am assuming it is the manager she was trying to contact.
So I get the number from reception and try calling him.I get his voicemail.
I leave a message with my mobile number on it.

I wait. some more.

One of the girls who had previously been in limbo came down for a tea break with some of her new colleagues . show off ;)
anyways I get chatting to them and explain my situation. Really nice folks. they tell me to go home. I concede that this is a bloody marvellous idea. It is 4 o clock and even if I did get a call back by the time I actually got there and got introduced to people I'd not have time to blink 'fore hometime.

So I dawdle a little longer.I Leave another voicemail telling the guy he can contact me anytime this evening and that I'd really like to have this sorted for tomorrow morning.
then I go to reception and they give me the guys mobile number and inform me that he is indeed a project manager in RSA.

and I go home. still in frickin' limbo. what a waste of a day.

I'm afraid I don't hold much with HR. I haven't had good experiences with em so far.
I'm sure there are talented and helpfult HR folks out there ( I actually know one, but not on a work basis) and maybe I just been unlucky with the places I worked so far. Maybe this Lady was having a bad day. she had been out the day before and she did sound a little hoarse or something and she seemed to be in a lot of meetings.. Still I'm sure she could have delegated so I'm not sure I buy that.

Anyhow thats enough moaning from me. The good news is that the accenture staff I have chatted to have told me that RSA is a good place to be based some real nice folks there. Also I think a couple more newbies are based there too. So I'm sure It'll all be good tomorrow.
touch wood.

As an aside. I don't feel so good these days. I think its the change in routine + stress. hopefully I'll settle down when the work starts.


Anonymous said...

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Dr. Devidents

Anonymous said...

He's not wrong you know. I used to be stumpy, and unfit, and shortsighted. But now I drink wheat beers, smoke expensive Cuban cigars and play high-stakes poker with money I borrowed off a guy called Jimmy the Hammer. Boy life sure is exciting! Thanks Dr. Devidentz!

P.S. I'm still stumpy, unfit, and shortsighted, but who gives a fuck, deal the cards already!!!


Anonymous said...

I too have taken the Dr. Devidents three step plan. You can too !

Alcohol + Cigars + Pipe.


P.S. Mail me about Confess Dave...*poke*...

Anonymous said...

Mwoohaha - I can't resist... :)


hehehe - I love it!

Umm No reflection on the owner of this blog... This is merely graffti ;)

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