Monday, July 05, 2004

Scoping out the big smoke.

Am in Dublin today, sorting out a few small details like rent and such. Had hoped to chat to the landlord(s) but turns out they are on holidays until friday. I'll be in Dublin on friday alright but only because of Oxegen, so I won't be meeting em then. Still I left my rent with the Quartermaster so that should be fine. I t would have been nice to get the key so I won't feel a bit cheeky turning up with all my stuff and asking em to let me in next time ;)

Its good not to be working today. Pottering around the big smoke, I notice the new luas lines will be running pretty damn close to my new apartment, which will be most convenient..

I'm hoping my new employers contact me before I have to start and let me know who I'm meant to report to on my first day.. that'll be pretty damn nervewracking if I just have to turn up cold. not that it won't be nervewracking as it is.

Its looking like the 21st will be my official moving up date.. gives me time to finish the last of my work, go out on the raz and say goodbye to the folks here and still have time to recover and set up my new place properly, shopping for essentials and stuff. And then go out on the raz with the folks here ;)

Anyhow. I'll cut myself short here. this is costing me after all.

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