Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Room 101.

This post is inspired by that (BBC?) show where celebs nominate things to be banished forever into room 101 . So without further ado my current list of things to be put in room 101.

  • Ignorant people

  • From that sour old teller at the bank who made little attempt to even mask her contempt for me to managers who won't take no for an answer to the shop assistant who , in a crowded coffeeshop at lunchtime insisted on taking the table with 4 seats and the big couch for her cup of tea while myself and my friend had to squeeze into a corner for our significantly more substantial meals ( o.k maybe I just wanted to sit in the couch still bloody inconsiderate though..)

  • Bills

  • Not people named bill, the kind that gets pushed through your door demanding your cash money...

  • Teletubbies/condescending kids t.v shows.

  • These are making kids stupid. I'm sure of it. I bet there are studies to say as such.

  • MTV.

  • Why don't they change the name to just TV, or better still Lousy T.V. there ain't nothing on there but jackass clones, reality t.v and fricking cribs.

  • Big Brother.

  • How can they call this reality t.v. East-"I want to slash my wrists their lives are so depressing"-Enders is more realistic than this festering mole on the ass of television .
    Seriously though Its so contrived, these people wouldn't spend two minutes around each other in "real life".

    I could dedicate a post to this one but Its just not worth it.

  • that last clue in the irish times crossword

  • Well If it weren't there I'd always finish it ;)

Eric Idle is still alive! This sites pretty funny actually. especially that german song..

I done gone an' fixed it Ma.

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Anonymous said...

Oh? Oh! He deigns to hear us now! How generous. *hiss*

Big Brother I agree with. Dear god - its like the aforementioned idiot kids TV for adults.

Tyg said...
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Tyg said...

I listened to you guys!!
I just though you were all wrong ;)

Mea Culpa. Anyways, ye should put your handle in the post so I know who I'm talkin to!

CaptainVane said...


RE Evil Big Brother:
They call it reality TV because, like it or not, it IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Eastenders is FICTIONAL (Script, Actors, Directors etc).

A festering mole it may be, but the premise of the show is to take people who "wouldn't spend two minutes around each other in real life" i.e. STRANGERS! and put them in a confined monitored environment over which they have very little control, hence the reference to George Orwell's 1984 in the title of the show. It is meant to portray an "unreal" reality. They are the lab rats. We're the dudes in the white coats.

If you wanna slate it you have to compare it to others in the same genre. i.e. The Salon, I'm a Celebrity...,MTV's real world and any other show on MTV! I don't think its the worst one...

All the rest can go in 101. Well said!!
Re BB I ain't convinced!

PS: Chop my comment and you'll be scrubbing them decks again!:)