Friday, July 23, 2004

The last man.

Been reading Y: the last man on Dr. Devidents recommendation. The Quartermaster has kindly given me access to his significant graphic novel collection. Y, Fables, 100 bullets, hellblazer and the like.  Y is pretty dang good, I have to say I'm hooked. calling the monkey Ampersand is a stroke of genius..

Just got me a new telly. Unfortunately It don't come with an aerial or a.v cable for hooking up to the cable connection. I think thats a bit odd but then it was v. cheap.

Met Mr.E for pints and a chat last night. Spoke at some length regarding the Dark Ages Vampire game they got going on. Have a mission to put together a character for the next session.. I got games coming outta my ass these days (metaphorically speaking) the Savage one has offered me a place in his D&D and there is an opening in next doors D&D too.  I'm not sure how many games I'm actually gonna be able to play and still keep my job and my girlfriend and put together a convention on the other side of the country... should be fun finding out though ;)



Anonymous said...

Stick with the Con and the girl, in that order. The rest, as our man in Aberrdeen might say, is flim-flam.


CaptainVane said...

When prioritising your time it is always best to consider which options give the best return on your investment.

While throwing all your eggs in one basket can result in high returns (because as risk increases so do the chances of high return), the opportunity of longer-term, guaranteed "on tap" returns are forgone for one fleeting short-lived boost. In addition, you may be left with nothing to fall back on if it all goes terribly wrong (heaven forbid!).

In short, use caution and invest your time wisely.
(Hint: A mixed portfolio of investments is usually considered best.)

Kind Regards,
Captain Vane

Anonymous said...

Both of these pieces of advice seem reasonable... However, it is also important to consider how soon your investments will mature. If it may be necessary to invest heavily in one venture over a long period of time, it is often adviseable to skew your investment in favour of a prospect more likely to mature in the near future (say September for example) so that having attained maximum benefit from this prospect you can once again shift your assets to the more important (and innevitably more profitable) long term commitment...
*grin* Kick ass week was last week..? We are still languishing! Your Con needs YOU! *Fingers pointing at you and self*
Enjoy Dublinium!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Guess I'll have to take a serious look at my portfolio. maybe get someone who knows about this kind of thing to give me some advice ;)