Monday, July 19, 2004


Well thats the last of the work here in sligo. I'm bloody delighted.. One less thing to worry about! I'm gonna have a few celebratory pints tonight, then tomorrow I make my way back to my new home in the big smoke.

Yup, Am officially moved in now. Most of my stuff is in the new apartment and the rest will be migrating slowly of the next month or so. Everybody who has seen my place so far is quite impressed. I't'll be handy come Gaelcon when the Sligo crew come up .. there'll be plently of floor space between my place and the Quartermasters.

Speaking of games.. September is looming fast and still lots needs doing for the con. Lots of good intentions floating about at the moment ( not least from me) , this week will be 'kick in the ass' week again methinks.

I'm just looking at all the crap here and there ain't no way all the stuff I wanna bring this week is gonna fit in my rucksack.
heres my problem.

Laptop - must come. need. do work. have fun.
C.D.s. -rack of favourites. sickens me to leave em. but v. bulky.
Guitar - I been picking it up pretty much every day and strumming a few chords even slowly picking up radioheads High and Dry. If I leave it I might let it fall into disuse again....
D.V.D. player - probably can survive without for week (have no t.v at the moment anyways..)
still.. its v. shiny.
Random board games(hills rise wild and Talisman) - so far I brought no games to dublin barring my rpgs.. again can probably do without. next door have loads of games
Shoebox of important documents
- bugger. I should really bring this. It wouldn't do for it to go astray.

Of course then there are the things that its just not possible to bring...
Computer Desk. 2 printers. and box of truly random things.

Oh well. I'll ponder it all over pints tonight. or not.


Anonymous said...

Soooo... all the rand.crap I palmed off on you during Bonanza Week is now cluttering up someone elses storage? Mother must be so proud of me :)

What are you going to do with Dino?

Also wtf are you hauling a DVD player when you posess a laptop? Surely you can plug it into the back of your telly with a SCART? And don't even think of bringing board games, there's plenty at Central for you to paw through.

Finally - did you get in touch with Mr. E?

xaosseed *carp,carp,carp,carp,carp*

Tyg said...

yeah I pawned all the board games off to wayne, not only is he now the keeper of the Xaosseed Memorial collection but the Jay mcGarry Magazine collection which was left in my care when he left the country...

Dino is moving on to bigger and better things. Gerry is building some kind of retro computer collection thing he's got ancient Macs, commodore 64s and P.Cs that barely deserve the title! So Dino is in fine company (although I am keeping the printer.. cause it works real good)

And indeed I have been in touch with Mr.E and shall be
meeting up with him for a pint at some point in the near future. I'm ahead of the game for a change!