Thursday, January 05, 2006

156: It's a wonderful life

Yep, I had never seen "It's a wonderful life', somehow I've always managed to miss the seasonal showings of this classic on telly. It being christmas and all I figured it would appropriate forthe next movie I see on the list to be this one.

I had always heard the plot of this movies described something like a man is convinced by an angel not to commit suicide when he is shown how much worse things would be if he had never been born.While thats certainly the climax of the movie most of the films 2 hours is spent following George Bailey (James Stewart) and getting to know just what a decent fella he is. Thats what really makes the movie. You feel like you know the guy, or at least that you would like to so when thingsgo bad for him , you really,really want it all to work out.
And of course it does.

Things you might not remember about this film, the slightly surreal ballroom/swimming pool transformation mid charleston competition and the rather odd special effects of the constellations (angels) talking.

Things you'll definitely remember, 'a bell rings, an angel gets its wings', James stewarts Homer Simpson impression "Woohooo!".