Friday, April 29, 2005

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152 : Singing in the rain.

Saw this for the first time not so long ago.

Its another musical. (I'm resigned to the fact that In all likeliness I will see all of the musicals in the damn book before any other genre...)
And its really quite good. Gene Kelly is an incredibly talented fellow.

I of course had seen the 'singing in the rain' sequence before, Its one of those Iconic movie moments. I thought that seeing it in context would somehow make it less so. Not the case, in fact the most notable thing about this movie is that it was put together in a really haphazard manner and relies on its feelgood factor to hold it together as a movie. The musical numbers are extremely tangental and whole chunks of the movie could have been dropped without making an iota of difference to the plot.

I watched this in the Company of Cap'n Vane and Her Mom. So I had a running commentary on who was who and who fell out with who (It is apparently crystal clear after 100+ viewings that Debbie Reynolds and the boys just didn't get on...) . That kind of background info kept it interesting.

I don't think I'd be rushing back to watch it again. But I'd certainly watch a couple of the musical numbers if they happened to be on telly, and I'd probably have a smile on my face afterwards. Feelgood is the only way to describe it..

On an unrelated note. I've just been to see "The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy" in the cinema. I'm very impressed. It must have been really difficult to translate Douglas' adams humour to the movie medium but Its been done pretty well. One of my favorite bits in the book was the whale and the petunias materialising in the upper atmosphere of a planet. Bill bailey as the whales thoughts was a stroke of genius..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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