Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"It ain't the years honey, it's the mileage."

In case you don't know the above is a quote from Raiders of the lost ark
which was apparently ad-libbed by Harrison Ford.

Reason it springs to mind is cause tomorrow is my brothers 21st Birthday. Something
weird is going on 'cause last birthday I remember, he was only 18. Similarily I sure as
hell ain't meant to be 25. That just don't suit me. 21 suited me just fine. So whoever is
messing round with time, put it back the way ye found it;)

Just finished reading the Wee Free Men ( theres a little video of terry pratchett talking about the book on the linked page.)
Terry (or T.P as I like to call him. now) thinks its the best book he's ever written. I'm afraid I must disagree. Don't get me wrong its good, quite entertaining in fact, but Its no where near the heights of Gaurds,Guards, Hogfather,Reaper man or Wyrd Systers. Thankfully though its a lot better than Carpe Jugulum or the fifth elephant. If I had to rank It I'd put it somewhere between Thief of Time and umm.. lemmee see... oh yeah Pyramids (which I like and no-one else seems to.) In saying that I'm a little behind ( not having read monstrous regiment or hat full of sky (and still not having read maskerade or some of the older ones)) so I don't know how a few of the books fit into my scale.

Someone else has already created a best to worst list actually. oddly enough while Carpe Jugulum which I hate is near the bottom. Hogfather (which I think is one of the best) is the bottom.

Anyhow in keeping with the time creeping up on me theme I'm gonna steal a piece of trivia from Cap'n Vane. Michelangelo was 25 when he sculpted La Pieta. What have you done?


Anonymous said...

Wee Free Men is an incredible book. When you look at the fact that it is ostensibly a kids book, that is still great for adults AND has some seriously deep undertones, dealing with the kind of problems kids have all the time and get around (Or don't).
Still - I agree that as far as Discworld comic-goodness and all round spoof-fantasy goes it's not his best *in-genre*. Pyramids rocks as does Reaper Man. All the others rate pretty cool too.
Read Hat Full of Sky - it's pretty cool also - not quite as good as Wee Free Men, but worthy!
Salubri (Hah! I remembered this time!)

Anonymous said...

Oh - and I have lived, loved and suffered. Great Works are all very well but they by no means indicate experiental quality of life or happiness.
Was Michaelangelo a happy bunny?