Friday, July 16, 2004

Spidey 2 comments.

I'm pleased to say I saw spider-man 2 last night and enjoyed it immensely.
It's a bloody solid film with great set pieces (the spidey/doc ock fight on the
clocktower/train was fantastic). Plenty of comic references (the Doc strange bit, a couple
of shots ripped striaght out of issues of the comic). Great SFX ( they've really cleaned up the
CGI spider-man). Evil Dead style camera shots and action. Some really funny scenes( the elevator is just surreal, but at the same time it could have come straight from a J M Strazynsci penned spidey issue.) and it leaves the door open for 4 villains for the next few movies. Also Kirsten Dunst is incredibly hot ;)

There were things that stop this from being a truly great movie. Some of the CGI isn't quite
up to scratch( some of the early Doc Ock shots are dubious), the dialogue lets the movie down in places, (Aunt Mays speech is notably long winded, perfect for the comic book but not so good on screen) and finally there is a touch of cheese in places...

Sam Raimi has time to improve though..Roll on the next three movies!

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