Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can.

I feel there ain't enough spider-man in my blog. So to make up for my careless neglect I give you the spidey blog!

I've just arrived back from lunch and a quick visit to sub culture here in Sligo (a comic store run by a mate of mine, where I get my spider-man fix.) A small pile waiting for me today.
The Amazing Spider-man, The Astonishing Spider-man, Venom and The Authority:more kev ( spot the odd one out). Having a local comic store has brought with it some problems. y'see in addition to the three spidey related titles above I also get the Spectacular spider-man, peter parker:spider-man and Marvel knights spider-man PLUS whatever one-offs get run and graphic novels sub culture gets in. oh and t-shirts. I am afraid to try and calculate my comic expenditures.

You may note the Ultimate Spider-man ain't in there. Tried it, didn't like it. What ya gonna do.

The new movie looks great, I believe its only 2 or three weeks away. Early reviews say things like best superhero movie ever. I liked the first movie. All right I'll admit I'm biased but the first time I saw it I was dissapointed. The Goblin outfit was lousy (looked like a power rangers reject) and William Dafoes acting was wasted behind that dumbass mask.
But on a second viewing I realised that the best parts of the movie were the ones without the superheroics, just like the comics . It's peter parker that is the compelling part, not spider-man. I gather they have kept that and expanded on it for this movie, pete struggling to maintain a meagre existance while moonlighting as spider-man. And with Alfred Molina on board as Doc Ock (and I gather he does a v. good job) and the spider man animation and such improved I think this could be the superhero movie against which all others shall be measured.

Just to compound the comic book nerd image I got going on here. It's not 'spiderman'
it's 'spider-man'.

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