Tuesday, July 13, 2004

...And Exhale.

I must point out that bugger all sleep has been had over the weekend. and it ain't for the want of trying. Its because there are some people who are just too inconsiderate for words and morons, lots of morons. Anyways on with the recounting.

Sunday Morning
After packing away the tents and such we ventured to the main stage for breakfast and..

The Sawdoctors: Ridicule them you may, but these guys are great fun live and they have a bloody huge catalogue of stuff that you will know and sing along too. They certainly got the crowd going.

Daze: caught the end of the set. uninspiring.

Saucy Monky: feisty pop rock babes. Bloody talented pair of girls. I'd never heard of em before and wasn't convinced they were gonna be so good. The difference between them and Daze was massive.. I understand they're Irish though so I'm not sure what the story with the american accents was..

Turn: veterans of the Witnness festivals. Even with a brand spanking new bass player in tow and plagued by technical problems they guy were great. Cap'n Vane told me the lead singers voice was a bit flat on the day, but I couldn't tell. Even if he was it was still great.

Alphastates: formerly babelfish, wasn't too impressed last time I seen 'em. but they seem to have tightened up their act and were pretty entertaining.

Erin McKeown: Another discovery for me. Well talented. no band to back her up just her and her electric guitar. I'm probably gonna pick up her album. She's got kind of a PJ Harvey thing going on..

Pink: again I only caught one song , a cover of four non blondes "Whats up" pretty good it was too. Pink is one of the few MTV regulars that Actually has some talent.

Faithless: Caught Insomnia from the top of the Big wheel which was a bit mad. Another act that seemed to capture the attention of the crowd. I'm not a big fan but I really like "weapons of Mass destruction" which I was pleased to catch live too.

Bic Runga: Everyone I was there with loved bic runga. personally I'd buy Erin McKeowns album before hers, but I can see the appeal she is very good.

At this point I had to crash for a while a lack of sleep and miserable weather catching up on me so I missed Ash and Wu Tang Clan. The Wu sounded pretty good from the carpark though. When I finally managed to rally i went to see the end of

Muse: Caught the end of the set where they played the big singles. The seemed like a good show but Myself and Cap'n Vane got the impression we got the best of em. Again I'm
not a huge fan and I think there a bit of a one-trick band. Still what I did see impressed.

Basement Jaxx: Bloody great, Big big sound that you just have to dance to. They're really fun too. They played a mad mix of the White stripes "seven nation Army" and Nellys "In the club" . The hyperactive djs and the energy they get going is great.
Some twat climbed on top of the sound box and made an ass of himself mid way though the set somehow managing to take the attention of the crowd away from the main show for a few minutes. left oxegen to the sound of "Wheres your head at" fading into the background.

Darkness: Ok technically I didn't see em but we heard 'em on the radio in the car as were driving back. First off I think they are crap, rehashed big dumb rock sound that wasn't any good in the first place. However. I think that on the festival stage that sound comes into its own. Justin whatshisface seems to be a great showman to , lots of crowd interaction and joking around..

So that was the experience that was Oxegen. Really enjoyed it Overpriced beer and food, sleepless nights and and overwhelming number fo complete twats notwithstanding!

Now as far as my previous post regards comments goes. It seems that I was mistaken in my assumption that it is possible to post without a login. It ain't. That sucks.
however i'm happy to keep blogging away and if ye really must say summat ye can email me.
dave.mcgowan@NOSPAMgmail.com or the more persistant type can get a free account and use it to post.

i wouldn't bother if it was me though ;)


Anonymous said...

Ummm this must be new then... *grin*

Anonymous said...

Me again...

Anonymous said...

Hi from Saucy Monky - glad you enjoyed the show. Saw your note about the band - "...I understand they're Irish though so I'm not sure what the story with the american accents was..." Actually it's 1/2 Irish and 1/2 American. Annmarie is Irish, Cynthia is from USA. The band left California for Ireland again last week, and just played O2 in the Park yesterday! If you didn't know, the new album is out now if you'd like to take a listen. Links up on the web site. http://www.saucymonky.com