Thursday, July 15, 2004


I'm moving my stuff to my new abode this weekend. So I was out in my moms place rummaging through the stuff I had archive out there to see what was worth keeping.

God I had a lot of crap.
-Past its sell by date lichen (formerly used as warhammer terrain).
-Birthday cards from when I was 16 (not yesterday I tell ya).
-A whole bunch of those cd's you get free with p.c magazines with loads of trial versions
of things. fine except they were from 1990...
-A whole bunch of old gig tickets that have seen betterdays. Prodigy point depot new years eves 95 and 96. Oasis in cork (supported by prodigy 96) and some other stuff.

(Odd little synchronistic thing here - or maybe I'm looking to hard- last post I mentioned I had seen liquid wheel back in the day.. turns out they supported the prodigy new years eve 95...)

Then I came across photographs. Forgot I even had these. I'm not the kind of person who keeps photo albums or anything but I had photos from my 21st in (what was) the Journeyman. Everyone looks so young (including me). I got pictures of college buddies I ain't seen in years, pictures of some folks I used to think better of and Xaosseed makes an appearance too! All seems like so long ago now.

Anyways I binned a bag o' junk, much overdue housekeeping. time to move on!

Tonight is likely my last night in the Clarence for ooh god only know how long. I been going there since I started college back in the days of (not planning to, but I always turned out ) ending up in Pulsar on a friday night getting hammered and dancing like a maniac.

But more important than anything else.. tonight I get to go see Spider-man 2 ! Woot (as the saying goes..)


*EDIT*: Man Walks on Fucking Moon

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CaptainVane said...

Memories light the corners of my mind,
Misty water-coloured memories of the way we were...

Occasionally, only Barbara Streisand will do...most of the time, however, she won't.