Wednesday, July 21, 2004

We Have Arrived

..Unpacked and everything. I am delighted with my new apartment. It has bizarre tardis-like properties. While it is only half of the ground floor of a house it still has enough space to store all the stuff I have accumulated from all the places I've lived in Sligo. And there is still loads of room.
I spent today picking up essential things like glasses,frying pans, suacepans,dishcloths and the like.

Took a spin on the LUAS from stephens green to ranelagh village. While it was nice to try it out Its not really practical to use it to get into or out of town for me. Stephens green is too far from work and the ranelagh stop is still a fair walk from my new place. And the bus runs from outside my driveway to o connell st.

I'm pretty much set up here now. My neighbours sorted me out with the wireless broadband ( thats right folks, this post is 'on the air' ) I got my hi fi set up and lo it is still good!

All I need now is my t.v. and I was pricing em today. Reckon I'll give the plasma screens a miss and pick up a standard 20" t.v on the cheap. I hardly ever watch anything but scrubs and d.v.ds any ways.

Strolling down grafton st. today was pretty neat. There's a great life about the place. Street performers and buskers and the massing throngs ( hehe missing thongs, sorry), Life is good!

*touches wood*

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the sweet life mate.
Yup, days like today DEMAND a stroll on Grafton street. =)