Tuesday, August 03, 2004

"I aten't dead."

I've no excuse. I really haven't got a clue why I didn't get round to updating this last week.
I must have been busy. yeah thats probably it. Anyways I'm here now.

Its been an eventful weekend. Friday brought late night poker and the D&D cartoon nostalgia fest much fun at the expense of the Bow of Complete Brokenness +20 .

Met lots of the native gamers and got beaten at cards by em. Actually I did ok-ish only Doc Dev and Ger (card sharp extraordinaire) managed to outlast me..

Saturday morning was Dragonlance, good fun even if I was half zonked from lack of sleep. Our motley crew of adventurers stumbling from one perilous situation to the next and somehow still managing to achieve all objectives and then some...

Saturday night was the Quartermasters birthday. Guy and Wayne turned up for the celebrations. Good to see the folks again. Everyone seemed in good form the food was good and the beer was a flowin'. Middle names were revealed.

Alan *chortle*.

An expedition of the flat earth extended family to Galway was decided upon. More beer and laughs galore no doubt.

Now I must go to work, where hopefully things are getting into gear...


Anonymous said...

I've been following you through Idoru-effect - where you crop up in emails and blogs. Its fun. You leave a big ass digital footprint.

Sounds like you're settlin' in well... :)


Tyg said...

Large digital footprint eh? Go me. Although thats not necessarily a good thing.

I am settling in well. Leastaways i think so. Time moves differently here. I half expect to get back to the west this weekend and find that only a few seconds have passed there since I left..