Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Plan B.

Updating my blog is proving difficult these days. What with being in the office under the watchful eye of big brother for most of my day and usually having something to do that supercedes the blogging in priority in the evenings I have decided I'm gonna try emailing my updates for a bit. Its far less conspicuous( and requires less logging in and such) in work so it should work out.

Last night I sat in on a Dark Ages Vampire game and put together my character while observing the goings on. Met some nice folks, Oli,Baz,Meg,Greg,JP and of course Colin who I already new. In fact most of the folks were at least familiar faces from Gaelcons past.

Tonight is AD&D and yet more character generation, But location wise it is next door and not 45 minutes walk away like last nights game.

Gaming during the week is a pretty new experience for me. I understand its kind of a necessity here as people like to have their weekends for whatever else it is they do apart from game, I know I'd be hard pressed to find time to game at the weekend.

The other thing I'm having to get used to is gaming without background music. The last time I would have gamed without and music was back in the days of the Game soc meetings in college. Since then we always had some music, specific mood music or otherwise. On thinking about it I suspect that most gamers don't have music during games. Anytime I've played with other groups certainly seems to indicate as such. I guess I didn't really think about it before.

Rambling a bit now so I figure heres as good a place to stop as any...

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Anonymous said...

Yeees... The sig on your email is definitely insurance-company-ese... ;) You may want to come up with a more cunning plan like typing up your blog at work and emailing to yourself so that updating it in the evening only takes a minute or two...
(Or you could NOT defraud your company of the time and system resources wasterd updating your blog...)