Friday, August 13, 2004


Prodigy playing the Olympia this December. How wicked is that. Been hearing it advertised on the radio (which is weird cause I haven't listened to the radion in absolutely ages) and it brings back memories of how cool it was to hear the new years point gig advertised in 1995. I even recorded it.. in fact I remember a bit of it there was silence and the DJ says " the prodigy are back!" and then "No Good" kicks in. that gave me shivers when I first heard it. Yes I know thats daft.So sue me.

The new single "Girlz" is getting pretty good airplay at the moment. I like it.
you can find the video if ye fancy it on the xl website. Its like the evil twin of some old eighties hiphop tune. The video is growing on me too.

Another thing thats been brewing in the back of my mind every time I go to text someone. I reckon at some point new slang terms based on dumb predictive text is gonna slip into our vocabulary.

I give you some examples.. all of which will no doubt be familiar.

" You heading down the sub for a shot?"

"wow, thats really book!"

and my fave


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