Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The suit.

Tis policy in the insurance firm where I'm based to wear a shirt and tie. I don't like it. And am wary of falling into the suit trap. Y'see way i see it is everyone starts out the same. you wear the suit because you got to. After a while you start to forget yourself and become one of those guys who wears a suit even when you don't have to.

I gotta run. will finish this later.

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Anonymous said...

... I don't understand your point. You wear a suit because when you don't have to and....?

You have to take the knurd approach - go *through* suit-wearing and out the other side. Go archaic, dig out some nice vintage three piece's: not only do you stay warm in the freezing office, but you have extra handy pockets to keep things in, your tie no longer gets in the way cause its stuck behind your waistcoat and you've got somewhere else to hang your ID badge. No one can say boo to you because well you're wearing a suit but on the otherhand noones in any doubt that your just "another guy who wears suits".

Bish bosh, sorted.