Friday, August 20, 2004

Hours and hours..

This is very strange. I've nearly worked up an extra day in overtime this week. 6 hours depending on how things go today. I arrive early and leave late. Sometime in the next few weeks I'll probably be working 10-11 hour days.. In all my time at my previous job there was only one occasion when I worked days as long as these.And that was serious crunchtime with a manager (an ex-army major with the attitude to match)looming over my shoulder as I frantically tried to make all the bits dance together in swan lake style ( they ended up doing more of a cossack dance...) and for that effort I ate like a king and lived in the finest accomodations. This isn't like that. This isn't an exceptional situation. This is just how it is here...

Anyways I hear good reports about AvP looking forward to it. Especially after watching the original predator on monday night.. Bloody good movie, eminently quotable.

"Bunch of pansy ass faggots we got here. This stuff will make you a sexual Ty-ranno-saurus, just like me!"
Good man Jesse Ventura. he was a mayor of some town wasn't he? its a strange world we live in.

Anyways back to work now..

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Anonymous said...

He was Governor of Minnesota. Interesting character, he ran as third-party nomination under the Reform ticket. He is Liberal Economically and Socially, pro-choice and pro-medical marijuana. Ironically, considering your quote, he was also strong on gay rights :)

Anonymous said...