Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Sometimes everything just happens at once. Good things and bad and either way they all seem to be one more thing on the pile of things that need to be dealt with. Which creates stress which I do not deal with very well.

People who can like, I dunno, 'switch off' that constant buzzing that is stress are alien to me. In my head all these things become blown out of all proportion and sometimes you just wanna crawl under a rock and wait till it all blows over. ( you cannot of course do this because by the time you crawl out from under that rock theres a whole bunch of new things for you to deal with cause you ignored the last bunch.. and none of your friends recognise you cause you're hairy and smell from living under a rock.) I've been told to make a list and prioritize. Sounds like sense to me. All I gotta do is find five minutes where I have time to compose such a list ;)

I've got an interview for the previously mentioned job. Or at least they're trying to set one up for me , It happened to be on the one day where I have an appointment I cannot possibly postpone. nuts.

lots of buzz about Gmail going on. Check google news. You know where it is.

I should be on commission ;)

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quadrophenic said...

Hey, Isn't it awful that we feel like that? And the worst part of it is that there's no way out, eighter you feel things that much or you fall into some kind of alienation.
Last year I suffered. A lot. There were lots of things I had to do, none of which I could handle. The thing got out of proportion, to a level where I couldn't take things like waking up early, answering usual questions (such as "how are you today?") and etc.
Then I discovered I was in deep depression...

Ok, I'm being too pessimistic right now. Sorry... Well, take care. Things are gonna feel better sooner or later.

OBS: I don't really think my battle field dreams have some relation with Iraq. Man, sometimes I really spend my time hating that Bush guy...