Tuesday, May 25, 2004

just say Arrr!

Pirates say Arrr!.
Arrrgh! just doesn't make any sense.
Arrrgh! is the noise 3rd rate actors make when they get stabbed in movies
and comic book villains make when their plots are foiled by the hero.

just thought I'd clarify that.


Anonymous said...

Surely no-one was questioning the righteous 'Arrr!', which so nicely compliments both 'matey' and 'shiver me timbers'?

Because that would be wrong.


Tyg said...

You'd be surprised. Sometimes the smartest people have the daftest Ideas.. and are real stubborn about it.

She's gonna kill me.

CaptainVane said...

Since you display such a wonderful imagination perhaps you'd like to choose your own method of execution?
All suggestions will be duly considered, dear.