Monday, May 17, 2004

Its so shiny.

I got me a new toy.. Sony Viao. It kicks seven shades out of my desktop p.c. So far I ain't got round to really pushing its capabilities but I did try the Unreal 2004 demo, which it had no problem with.. no slowdown, no sluggish response. Nice.
Huge installer though, even for the demo, over 200 megs. I'm assured by someone more au-fait with the gaming SOTA that this is 'cause 64bit textures are the norm these days(back in my day we didn't have textures, and we liked it!), and that the full install is 6Gb! Which I think is daft. but that's probably just because I only have 40gb space on my laptop which don't equate to many games at 6Gb a pop.

the incredibles - now this looks funny!
Garfield - this I'm not so sure.

That's enough for now. Maybe more later.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you don't carry a stack of games on your laptop - you just have the one or the two which you play to death and chuck. Same way you keep all your MP3's on CD and switch in and out periodically - though the vast majority of my space is given to music...

Congratulations on the new machine, I'm sure you will be happy together


Tyg said...

Yeah I hear you and If I actually did operate like it'd be fine. But I'm notorious for playing things to death for a very short time and then playing em intermittently for a LONG time.. Hell, I've only recently finished playing the Terran missions on starcraft!

b.t.w : Have decided to christen laptop "Ripley".

Anonymous said...

Ripley.... yeah, that... just fits. Nice :)

quadrophenic said...

Hey I didn't really even read this post of yours, cause I think it isnt much of my concearn. But I did read the lines below the title (including your explanation for Synchronicity, that is very cool, I think maybe I do believe/agree with that..). I think it's nice. Kind of schizofrenic if you think a little bit about it. Well, at leats thats what I think.
Hey why do I keep on having those memories of a dream about cemeteries (catholic), middle-east cemeteries and fields (that sometimes reminds me of battle fields and some other times reminds me of the city boarders)...?
Well, you wont know that, but i really needed to write. Too hard to reach my own blog right now.

See ya and sorry for bothering you..