Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hello World. that title's been used a few times for blog entries, but who am I to break with tradition! So this is my first blog so apologies if it ain't up to scratch. Dunno how much time I can devote to it. Sure we'll see.
I chose blogger cause of a couple of reasons:

1> Its run by google. I like google. Hope their free email thing works out, i'll sign up for that too!

2> Its got some nice features! post by email (which means If I get a fancy phone again I can post on the move..)

3> It was easy to get set up on.

I figure the folks who are gonna be reading this are my mates in Sligo who I will (all going according to plan) be abandoning for the big smoke pretty soon. But you never know maybe I'll attract a huge following. ( And pigs will fly.)

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