Tuesday, May 18, 2004

News from the Edge.

People who ain't living here anymore often ask me 'what news?' . I am of course the last person you should ask this question of, for the simply fact that I can never think of anything that has happened when asked.
One of the more extreme examples of this is a conversation with the Flat Earth Soc Quartermaster who has lived in the big smoke for bloody ages now. We spoke pretty regularily on the phone and during these conversations the dreaded 'any news' question would be posed. 'No, nothing' I would say. This conversation was repeated many,many times.
Anyways, long story short It turns out it had completely slipped my mind that one of The Quartermasters close friends had a baby. Not exactly an insignificant event. Doh.
I had intended to write the latest news from sligo here to prevent a re-occurrence of the situation described above, but I can't think of anything.

Freddy Vs. GhostBusters

Also anyone who knows me will know what this means to me..
the new album and NME have heard some of it!!!

Random thought: Y'know when you get old and you can't work anymore. I want to still be doing something interesting. Something you can talk about and people will listen. I reckon voice acting is the way to go, Hell I think that'd be a pretty cool job now.
I don't have a particularily flexible voice or nothin', I'm lousy at impressions. But I think I'd have a good voice for that kind of thing. just a thought.


Anonymous said...

No one else pregnant then...

Tyg said...

Nope. (but standard disclaimers apply here!)