Friday, May 14, 2004

One of then Co-inkeydinks

I'm working as a contractor at the moment in sligo, but I have been looking at getting permanent work in dublin. So about a month ago I was looking for jobs on and etc.. not having a great deal of luck (or indeed any).
One of my former workmates ( a contractor from india) mentioned to me I should try @ccenture, cause they paid well and seemed like good folks to work for.. so I checked out their website and sure enough they were hiring.

Now I was redoing my c.v at the time so I held off on the application but I mentioned the job to my girlfriend. She said she knew someone who worked there (small world eh?), anyways I got into contact with this friend who from this point I shall refer to as "the insider"! So anyways I'm chatting to the insider and I gave her my c.v to pass on to her superiors (if I get hired she gets a finders fee. sweet) after being on a buzz for a while and having great hopes not much was happening..

couple of days ago the insider comes back to me , her boss ain't sure if accenture are still hiring and when I check out their website again I can't see the Java developer jobs. "Ah well" i said "scratch that one"..

This morning I got a phone call from @ccenture HR. Admittedly they were just calling to get some more details (salary, job level, availability) but she seemed enthusiastic and fingers crossed I'll get a call for an interview. Time to start brushing up on those none existant interview skillz!

maybe nothing will come of it but Its really cool when life throws you what you need just when you need it.

in other news : Tekken 5

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