Thursday, June 17, 2004


I got me a G-Mail account courtesy of my mate Stu. As expected it is v. cool, also its not "evil".

Your emails get grouped into 'conversations' so If you reply to an email and get a response back they all appear in the same page no having to go to the outbox folder to see what you sent last. It seems nice and fast too. I have had conversations with almost IM reaction times..

The targetted ads work well. chatting about the spiderman movie brings up spidey merchandise.

Talking about email brings up news articles about the new email services springing up all over the place..

but the absolute best thing is this:
"You are currently using 11 MB (1%) of your 1000 MB"


I've had this on my machine for a while but I have only recently started playing around with it.. Its a lot better
featured than a most of the other cd burning software out there. It might not look as pretty but gets the job done a lot better. One of the nice features it has is to let you create a mix cd by tweaking the audio directly before you burn it.

There is a registration option which gets rid of the 'Nag' screens but the trial is fully functional without registration.

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