Thursday, June 03, 2004

The big reveal.

Right today is the day I tell my current employers I'm moving on to greener pastures.
I believe it will go fine and they will wish me well, maybe they'll even help me out with my scheduling problems..

However that paranoid little voice in the back of my head is saying things like "don't tell em nothing you don't have to.." ,"Watch 'em like a hawk, they're gonna try and feck things up for ye!" and "Where's your tinfoil hat? I told you to wear your tinfoil hat today?". We won't be listening to that, if at all possible.

In other news 'tis good to see the scourge of the seven seas, Cap'n Vane, paying a visit to my humble blog. She is a good sport and won't take offence to my previous posting regarding our disagreement over pirate lingo and all this talk of execution is just in fun. So there need be no more talk of that. Fine . Also she's great ;)

-Black Davy Rackham.

p.s I'm won't be doing this a lot (largely cause I think there are few places that deser ve it.) But I recommend marx for your techie needs.

Also don't order a delivery from peats if you ain't prepared to wait . my 2 day delivery time became 3 weeks for Ripley.


Tyg said...

No bosses around today. STOP. No big reveal.STOP. false alarm. STOP

Tyg said...

Blimey its all change around here. My boss has arrived back. Told him about the new job and he's cool with it.
Admittedly I have to tell one more boss but I think its gonna be cool.

Anonymous said...

WEAR THE TINFOIL HAT!!! Aaaaargh! (*dying* NOT piratey noise...)

Marx's place looks good... Bookmarked!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - Annoyinganonymousstuffswon'tletmeeditmyposts...
Grrr gonna have to get an account (or remember if I did before)
That was Salubri and so is this...