Wednesday, September 29, 2004


(what you do after you confess? no? anyone?)

Well its all over. And I for one bloody enjoyed it. great excercise...
I've already written a diary for the flat earth site so I won't repeat myself here.

Many thanks to those of you who made the effort get all the way to sligo.
And thanks of course to the other flat earthers who made it what it was.

Anyhoo. I'm still knackered so I'm not gonna rant here.

Although I am working on a little project with mr o'connor which I will post about
at some point that I think is gonna be a bit special. more later.

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Anonymous said...

what you do after you confess? well, after reading your report on the flat earth site, I'd say sleeping ;)
I just stumbled on your site through globeofblogs, btw..
I'm no expert on RPG-ing.. only did it once, Elfquest RPG with dices, but it was great fun..
anyway, this flat earth society event sounded like lots of fun! care to tell me more about the flat earth and your character?