Sunday, October 03, 2004

Do stuff.

Saw adds for The new pratchett book "going postal" made me want to read it. so I pops into easons to pick it up then realise its not available here yet. Howver I subsequently realise that I haven't read Monstrous Regiment yet and it is conveniently sitting on the shelf right in front of me, in handy paperback format. Ah I says to myself I'll get that then. Then I find out I've got the first discworld meetup coming tomorrow night. perfect says I. that'll give me something to talk about then..

Anyhoo. I went to a play on friday, Brian Friels "Faith Healer", I probably wouldn't have chosen to go see it myself but as it was Cap'n Vane suggested we go to the theatre for something different and it was on. It was surprisingly good for a play consisting of 4 monologues.. both Funny and tragic in parts. I liked it but it made me miss the fun we had doing stage performances while I was in sligo....

however I did see that there was a screenwriting workshop going on in the IFI.. Think it'd be interesting even though I shouldn't really be spending money coming up to Vegas (did I mention I was going to vegas next month? go me) and I should be saving money instead, still I think It'd be good to do. I haven't really done anything just for myself since I came to dublin.. I miss acting and Tai Chi and Capoeira and all the stuff I used to do (however erratically) in sligo. Theres definitely less Time here.

More at some point.


Anonymous said...

perfect, says you, great timing, says I ;)
did you start reading already? I've read Jordan, Feist, Hobb and Kerr so far (and a couple of others).. can you recommend Pratchett?

a screenwriting workshop sounds great! I'd spend the money even with Vegas coming up (don't come back broke ;))

where did you do acting in sligo? hawkswell?


Tyg said...

Oh yeah I can recommend pratchett. Its hilariously funny and really, really clever.

As for the acting,yeah I did a play in the hawkswell once. Great fun. How you know the hawkswell? sligo connections?

Anonymous said...

I'll read a pratchett book then :) have to get another book to read anyway as I just finished my last feist last week...

nah no sligo connections, but visited Ireland (and Sligo) 3 times on hols :)