Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Have to say Empire's a top notch magazine. v. rarely does it fail to nail just how good a movie is. Imagine my dissapointment then, when they give AvP a mere 2 stars. Of course It was always going to be tricky to do either license justice... I'll still go see it. Forewarned is forearmed( and Four-armed is really handy in Mortal Kombat *groan*).

Empire also have a top 100 sexiest movie stars of all time. Which is funny cause this is a discussion I've had several times in the last couple of weeks. Now they got the sexiest men in there and they're pretty much what you'd expect (although orlando Bloom is the top ranking bloke. I would have thought that a bit odd but what do I know.) so I'm just gonna list the top ten ladies ( in reverse order to build the suspense).

10. Grace Kelly - I never watched none of her movies so I dont know if she deserves to be in the top ten or not
She don't look like top ten material from the photo..

9. Rita Hayworth - She was v. sexy, so I won't quibble with her appearance in this list.

8.Natalie Portman - According to empire sexiest role was Amidala in Episode III. Emm. Nope.

7. Uma Thurman - Yeah I guess , to me Uma is a bit too tomboyish to be one of the sexiest. But I'll allow it ;)

6. Scarlet Johannson - I only really noticed her in Lost in Translation so the Jury is still out on her..

5. Jennifer Connolly - Ok wholehearted agreement here. She looked pretty fine in the Rocketeer and she's been
in some other stuff more recently. Hulk I think. Damn.

4. Marilyn Monroe - Nuff said.

3. Halle Berry - Can't stand her. Everyone else is off their rocker for placing her so high..

2. Angelina Jolie - Yeah she is hot, lips to die for but makes some pretty appalling movies plus
a bit of an oddball as far as I can gather..

1. Keira Knightly - I would have said forget about it. But the picture they got of here she's
all done up like some kind of 50's film star and she looks pretty good. But where are (as
a good friend of mine likes to say) the Norks?

Heres a couple from lower down on the list that I think are more deserving of being in the top ten
than some I have mentioned .
Kirsten Dunst, Kate winslet ( having seen her recently in a Beautiful mind) and Selma Hayek.

In other news I have finally got my own copy of "What evil lurks" even if it is a re-issue, and on
vinyl(I don't own a turntable..)



Anonymous said...

erm, can I be really blonde (well, not really but) and asked what AvP stands for? I can't think of a movie with those letters..

Orlando the sexiest? mmm, he looked cute in Pirates (otC) but sexiest? what about Ewan McGregor? or erm.. Tom Hanks when he was younger ;)

I don't know half of the ladies named :-O Keira one.. guess she's pretty 'hot' right now, but what about Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, MEG RYAN.. missing those. ok, they didn't do any movies recently, as far as I know, but.. they've done some pretty good ones in their prime..

anything else.. nope, think that's it :)
you're gonna post the top 10 men too? *wink* nah, kidding, won't put you through that ;)


Anonymous said...

Angelina is a god...Kate winslet scored huge points with me after eternal sunshine cos her character was so kooky and cute...Cameron Diaz...yes please...halle berry?no way hose!!!

Tyg said...

Oops I stand corrected..I of course meant Kate winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind..
not a Beautiful Mind. That was russel Crowe wasn't it..

I may or may not blog something this weekend. If I don't I'll definitely have something monday. Tis the Gaelcon weekend..

right . i'm off to watch Bubba-Hotep..