Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Lightning Bolted to death

Thats what my D&D barbarian (/druid) has just been. He went out with a bang, or two to be precise.

Which is why I have a few spare minutes to blog, while the rest of the party continue to battle the forces of "almost as evil as they are". Anyway Varl is off to a better place...

Oddly he is slowly dying by bleeding to death but in about a rounds time his rage effect is going to wear off and he'll lose a whopping 16HP which puts him in the "very dead" category. I would have expected the rage to wear off as soon as he fell unconcious but in the end it makes little difference.

"Ode to Varl BearClaw"
Grrr. Rarrrg.
Grrr. Raaarrrg.

Grrrr RRRaaarrg

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