Friday, September 10, 2004

A bunch of stuff.

I'm astounded to find that(accroding to the counter) people are still looking at this blog even though I have sorely neglected my updates. I guess folks found something they liked, or are at least curious as to what the hell I'm doing with myself these days.. Either way its good by me.

As for stuff you like well.. Jesse Ventura got some feedback.. I'd guess Uber is the contributor of the interesting facts. correct me if I'm wrong. Well I just finished watching the making of predator and have learned that Jesse Ventura was a Navy Seal and according to the wardrobe department records has bigger muscles than arnie. though Arnie claims it was a deliberate ploy on his part to psyche out Mr. Ventura. Anyhow the guy is certainly larger than live and seems to be his own biggest fan, but I can't help but like him.

I got some feedback from Saucy Monky clearing up the accents issue, much appreciated!
they are on tour in ireland at the mo. check out for details!
playing whelans soon if I'm not mistaken.

Confess is practically upon us so I'm trying to focus my attention on making sure everything is going to hold together on the day(s). Which ain't easy.
its amazing the difference that having to commute for an extra 40 minutes to and from work and having to change out of work clothes makes to your free time...
But its looking good.

Xaosseed got his masters which is brilliant and is confirmed for Confess (and running his infamous IOU campaign) which is even better! Hooray.

I just finished putting together the Con Directors round for the Confess Table quiz. Which I think would perhaps more fittingly be called the Confess Table Inquisition! The table quiz is looking like fun actually the "Dynamic" format is a bit cool..

So 15 days and counting. yikes.
better go do chairmanlike things...

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Anonymous said...

yes.we do check it out now and the...Yes confess is almost upon us!!!ARGHHHH!!!!WHATS the Plan????