Tuesday, February 08, 2005

150: Amelie

"The fabulous destiny of amelie poulain"

Is a great little movie with lots of crazy little subplots linked by amelies desire to improve the world around her. It could have been
a really sentimental mushy movie but It always seems to be just
cheeky and knowing enough to avoid that. The use of special
effects is particularily cool.
Its pretty funny too but the movie is really carried by the performance of Audrey tatou(sp?) who plays the title role. Shes equal parts quirky and likeable...

Its a real feelgood movie, from the bright colours and very minor troubles of the characters involved to the very odd narration in which the activities of a fly landing on a street at a particular time are bestowed with the same importance as the actions of Amelie herself. Mad.

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Anonymous said...

Amelie!!!great movie!!!And audrey tatou?she is gorgeous and incredibly cute in a kate winslet 'eternal sunshine' kind of cute way...Fargo?good movie...particularly the style of Mr Buscemis departure in the chipper!!!funny as hell in that quirky Coen brothers way...sequels suck in general but what about 'Empire strikes back', 'Toy Story 2' and 'Godfather 2'