Friday, February 25, 2005

Worthy of mention: O brother where art thou.

I counted it as one I've seen already but I don't think I was concentrating on it
when I did see it. Its a great movie, really funny and feelgood. Really nice production
, from the rustic little towns to the stunning countryside. Its one of these
movies that throws in a little of everything, comedy, romance, slapstick, drama,
the supernatural, musical numbers and some quite surreal and unexplained goings on.

George clooney really makes this movie and goes up a couple of notches in my book
because of it. I always think of him as the supercool never failing smart talkin crook
type as in Oceans 11 and out of sight. But hes a damn fine actor and pretty funny to
boot and you can really see it in this. He isn't afraid to ham it up in this and goes
against type to an extend.I think its his best role.

The music is pretty good too, although a lot of it is the kind of music that would
grate on my nerves after a while. I can see the appeal though and it certainly works
in the context of the movie.

Now I'm gonna make an effort to start seeing a couple of these other movies every week,
other wise I'm never gonna get through em. I'll make mosts like this when I can't
though! at least get some material up here!

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