Friday, January 14, 2005

no 149* Calamity Jane.

*Lost count and I can't view my blog from here, so thats a guess.

Now I know what you're thinkin, your thinking 'Calamity jane? You said you were gonna see
something with a bit of credibility next!' and you're right, I did. I haven't broken
my word though. Y'see I saw 'Calamity jane' the same day I saw 'Gentlemen prefer blondes'
I just didn't realise it was on the list..

Anyways I don't know If this movie should be in the top 1001, I mean its ok as musicals go
and the actress playing Calamity (damned if I can remember her name) certainly gives it
plenty of gusto.

Perhaps its because this film has special meaning to the lesbian moviegoing audience
(apparently 'a womans touch' is a bit of a lesbian anthem). Apart from that I can't
see the appeal, sure the songs are catchy (I was humming 'Whipcrack away,whipcrack away whip crack away"
to myself for a few days after the movie), but the plot is pretty thin and Its really
more the kind of fare I'd rather to see on stage rather than on the screen..

As an aside I watched "Back to the future II" on the same day, and It had been absolutely
ages since I saw it last. Its a cracker of a movie, and the time twisting plot is really quite
a complicated thing to try and do and still be this comic adventure. But when you are watching
it ,its really quite simple to follow. I don't think I had seen this since I saw the third movie
and so I had never noticed the little references to what was to come in the third installment.
The metal plate scene from 'a fistful of dollars' playing on the t.v and the references to biffs
great grandfather in 1885. Great fun. incidentally the first Back to the future is on the list
but the sequels are not.( very few sequels are. aliens being the only one that springs to mind.

right. back to work.

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