Friday, January 07, 2005

L.A Confidential.

Got round to watching this last night. It is such a cool movie. Its like three different movies at once beause of the individual plots of the 3 cops, Guy pearces 'by the book' lieutenant, Russel crowes vigilante-esque Angry detective and Kevin Spaceys corrupt but likeable vice detectve. Throw in danny devito and Kim basinger for good measure and a really nicely tied together story and you have a recipe for classic status..
Dunno how I managed to miss this movie all these years. brilliant. "Off the record, On the Q.T and very hush-hush

In case anyone was wondering that brings me to a 147 of the 1001 'movies to see before you die'


Anonymous said...

you hadnt seen la confidential...mcgowan,you never fail to amaze!!!its one of the best thrillers ever...that bit where spacey gets shot...god,i almost keeled over it caught me so blindsided!!!and then spielberg rips it off in minority report(where colin farrell is on the bullets recieving end!!!)

Tyg said...

Yeah I know, I'm a disgrace. Spacey getting shot really got me too, great filmmaking. Then just when you thought he was gonna be the guy who sorts the whole mess out..

I'm surprised Guy pearce hasn't been in more movies. He's an excellent actor...