Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"besides, You know what a careful guy I am"

So its not far away now.. Thursday night I'll be seeing Crystal Skull*. Been trying to keep the expectations to a reasonable level to avoid a repeat of the spider-man fiasco. However walking past the Irish premiere in the savoy today and confirming my tickets are booked has kind of set me off a bit. I'm off to think calm thoughts!

*think thats what I've decided on calling it rather than Kingdom. guess time will tell whether I chose wisely or not ;)


Anonymous said...

I am rotating through some of my favorite Indy quotes as my iChat status message today. Right now it is "Besides, you know what a careful guy I am." I'm going to see it at 8:15 tonight. I've been listening to the tracks I have from the soundtracks to the first 3 movies to get me in the mood. I was listening to the previews on iTunes of the music from the new movie until I realized that my knowledge of which music represents which character could give away plot elements. I was like "EEEEEK!" as I pulled off the headphones. Sooo excited.

Tyg said...

Thanks for posting. Hope you enjoyed it in the end. I know what you mean about being wary of spoilers. I practically had to slap myself to stop reading the first reviews. My girlfriend bought me a Indy book and a mate of mine bought me a deck of cards , both with pictures of the new film in it before I had seen it. I think I would have snapped if I had to wait any longer!