Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Giant Tadpole.

Good to be back. Was having blogger login issues.

Wanted to mention a movie,not on the list, it's 'The Host' the Korean Horror movie about a Giant Tadpole. I really really wanted to like this movie, Empire gave it four stars claiming "you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll ask Hollywood for your money back".

Maybe so. If you're only comparing it to Hollywood made giant Monster movies. So umm that's Godzilla then. Fair enough. Of course now we have Cloverfield so maybe thats not true anymore either.

Anyhow. I might not have given it four stars myself but there is definitely worth seeing there. I really like it when an action or horror movie surprises me with something unexpected and I don't mean using Shaky Camera to convince me something dramatic is happening, no I mean when you see something on screen but you're not entirely sure or you don't quite believe what you are seeing. The first appearance of the monster is like this. Its let down by some really strange pacing decisions. It feels like they didn't edit it, the beginning of the movie rattles along at a nice pace, then there is a huge dip and lots of 'comedic' moments, I guess its the Korean sense of humor but for me it stole from what could have been a really great movie. ah well, maybe next time.

Its neat having a blackboard, and I've decided to capture our visitors efforts for posterity

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