Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The big time.

So Wayne finally got his EP together and
had his launch night in Sligo. Great night too, it even struggled on despite an unscheduled guest appearance
from yours truly! Yes it looks like he is heading for the big time now. Mind you after reading
this I'm not so sure thats a good idea!,
still I guess he'll save on the album artwork. The CD sounds great and you can even order it
from the last rule (which as it happens is an online
gaming supplies pusher I mean retailer

To keep this blog slightly on topic. I'll talk a little about Evil Dead.
I got this on UMD recently and watched it during the train journey down to Sligo.
I had seen it before (and its superior sequels). Its pretty dated stuff and
the acting is well about as much as can be expected from one of the original
'video nasties'. Theres some great camera work in it though, lots of weird
perspective shots.

And I can't go without mentioning Mr. Bruce Campbell the man whose career was
launched as the hard done by protagonist, Ash. He chews up the scenery
and makes the movie as he deadpans and pratfalls his way through serveral
bizarre and ridiculously gory encounters with the 'deadites' .

*Edit: forgot to mention I spotted what I believe is a poster for the original
'The hills have Eyes' in the first scene in the basement, a little nod to
wes craven, trivia fans.*

I cannot help though to compare it to Army of Darkness (the last film in the trilogy)
and find it wanting, although admittedly any pretense at horror has well disappeared by
the final film. So perhaps thats not a fair comparison.

As a final note I see we're being experimented upon.
I hope we get a clean bill of health.


Sinisilma said...

Ha! You're right about the bruce, he's the man. I just finished reading his autobiography, its gas. Simply written, he'll go on for two chapters about the joke him and his buddy played on another buddy during the filming of something daft, then casually mention that - by the way - he got married during that movie too. I think the first time you realise he has kids is when he mentions that they came to see some film of his!

But what was the deal with eviol dead 2, like, like? It was just a remake or what? He conveniently skips over that in his telling. Do you know?

Tyg said...

It think I read a bit of that auto biography its called 'big chins' or something
like that right? He seemed to be making up a whole lot of stuff...

Campbell and Raimi have never confirmed one way or the other whether Evil
Dead 2 is a sequel or remake as far as I know.. If it is a sequel there
are a bunch of continuity problems. (the Necronomicon having been burned
in the first movie is a big one ).

He's lined up a movie called My Name is Bruce which sounds brilliant,
basically theres a Bruce Campbell convention but nearby some fans have
accidentally summoned a chinese demon and they basically kidnap him
to fight it and he's like 'I'm not Ash, I'm Bruce Campbell!'.