Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spam considered useful

Believe it or not the only thing that eventually made me post here
again was the volume of comment spam I was getting. There was
enough to give me that righteous 'I'm taking back whats mine,
damn your eyes' motivation.

Now that I'm back I guess I'll continue blogging my journey
through the 1001 you should see before you die. conveniently
enough its just been my birthday and one of the things I picked
up was a bunch of DVDs.

Amongst them:

"Evil Dead" (which I have seen many many times and probably
won't blog about),

"Equilibrium" (which was unlikely to appear in the 1001 movies
but I like much better than the matrix sequels),

"Anchorman" (again not a contender but allegedly quite funny),

"Top Secret" ( long time since I seen this but still a heck of a lot
better then the scary movie/epic movie crap we get these days)

and finally - "Once upon a time in the west", which I believe is in
the 1001 so that should be the next one reviewed. stay tuned..


William said...

Stay tuned?! Jesus wept man, do you think after holding out through that long drought we'd be about to chuck it now?

Frankly, I'm tempted to not read any more just to spite you...

Tyg said...

Good lord you're still here? hang on a second, are you the one thats been spamming me, you could have just asked me to post something!

Guy Winter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyg said...

A Captcha eh? I didn't know blogger supported em. I'll have a looksee in the toolbox.

Salubri said...

*grin* The Spam is mad isn't it!
(I'm still here too by the way)

Hmm learn something new every day - a "captcha" is it... nice one centurion!