Tuesday, March 22, 2005

151: Princess Mononoke.

In summary. Excellent, strange, beautiful and not as good as 'Spirited Away'.
Much like spirited away it is very 'japanese'. I think I saw a review that
contrasted its eastern mythology to the western mythology of lord of the rings
Its just not as easy to accept unless you grew up with it, it all seems a bit
alien. Which is of course part of the appeal.

The animation is beautiful and extremely creative and the movie cannot be slighted
for that. The problem I found was the pacing. It starts of with this demon boar
charging through a forest but loses its pace pretty quickly after that. I think
perhaps the animation was given priority over pacing and it shows.

The other thing of note is in the DVD version which I got my hands on the
dubbing is pretty high quality and there are a bunch of notable names in there.
Including Billy bob thornton and Gillian anderson. I'm sure the full list can be
found on IMDB.


Anonymous said...

Hmm - I still prefer Princess Mononoke. Have to watch Spirited away again to be sure (I was pretty sleepy) but I just wasn't as gripped. I was sure swept away by the story but *waggles hand* still not sure.
What I will give you / lend you is Lain: Serial Experiments (If you haven't seen it already). It is a 11 (or 12) episode long serial that is probably the eiriest strangest thing I have ever watched. I still haven't managed to watch all of them because I like watching things all together and that's about 9 hours - and by the 5 hour mark of contiguous watching I was so creeped out I had to stop. I'm sure it's easier to watch in bits as it's supposed to be but I'm stubborn!
Umm and Ghost in the Shell is still the best of all... ¬.¬

Anonymous said...

Aaagh! That's me again! (I forget my log-in here!)