Sunday, December 12, 2004

They're back.

wow october. has it really been that long?
Well I been busy and I can't acess gmail from work. thats all the excuses you getting from me.

To more important matters. I was at the prodigy gig in the olympia last night. they are well and truly back on form. Leeroy was on the Decks before hand keeping the beats coming.

The new material sounds great live, interspersed with the tried and tested old tunes. poison, their law, smbu, mindfields.

They're a fucking brilliant live act. Real theatrical, great energy.
Kieth and Maxim play off each other something wicked. They have these characters they slip into. Maxim is this taskmaster character cool beyond belief driving the crowd harder and harder... Keith is this barely restrained demented creature that at any minute could leap into the crowd in a frenzy.

But the minute liam walked on and turned on a small sign on his equipment rig the read "sex" I knew it was gonna be great!

I'm still deaf.

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